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Book Review: “The Martian” by Andy Weir

Bullet Quote Andy Weir’s novel “The Martian” is absolutely the best hard science fiction since Allen Steele’s “Orbital Decay” over 25 years ago. Thoughts I have almost given up on science fiction, which to me has meant what is normally called … Continue reading

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On Orbit Servicing, The Rest of the Story

I have read with interest Jeff Foust’s article “The Space Industry Grapples with Satellite Servicing” and wanted to add the perspective of someone who has worked in this area for several years. This requires that an overview and exposition of … Continue reading

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Systems Engineering Approach to Building the Future

In thinking about grand plans for the economic development of the solar system, it is easy to get caught up in the fact that you are thinking about building grand plans and so you get, grand.  In many many conversations, … Continue reading

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Why I Am Here

Hello folks, this is my first real foray into this type of blogging.  I am here for two reasons.  The first is that everyone is talking and talking past each other, but it seems that not enough people doing anything … Continue reading

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