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Changing the Conversation about the Economic Development of the Moon

Changing the Conversation  It is time to throw down the gauntlet as they say, regarding the Moon. It is my firm conviction that the industrialization of the Moon is the necessary and logical first goal of the second American space … Continue reading

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Slaying Sacred Space Cows

I spend a fair amount of time discussing space development with people, in presentations,  blogs, and in personal conversations.  Most people who know me know that one of my prime foci is off planet industrialization, principally beginning with orbital space … Continue reading

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On Orbit Servicing, The Rest of the Story

I have read with interest Jeff Foust’s article “The Space Industry Grapples with Satellite Servicing” and wanted to add the perspective of someone who has worked in this area for several years. This requires that an overview and exposition of … Continue reading

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