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The Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project, Original Data For Science Posterity

Note:  This is a cross post of an original article of mine that was posted on the site wattsupwiththat.com today.  Thanks to Anthony Watts and his readers for their support. Introduction The foundation of all observational science is data.  This … Continue reading

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Skycorp—Out of the Closet

Who Me, Start a Company? I usually keep my personal and professional lives separate but today is special.  I founded my company, Skycorp Incorporated in March of 1998.  I got the idea from Alan Steele’s book “Orbital Decay” and its … Continue reading

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Slaying Sacred Space Cows

I spend a fair amount of time discussing space development with people, in presentations,  blogs, and in personal conversations.  Most people who know me know that one of my prime foci is off planet industrialization, principally beginning with orbital space … Continue reading

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