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Space Book Review: Peter Thiel’s “From 0 to 1

From 0 to 1 Its not often that a book about the general development of companies has such direct applicability to space, but Peter Thiel’s book nails it in one.  It is a remarkable insight into the mind of a … Continue reading

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ISEE-3 Post Lunar Flyby Status and Modification of Mission Goals

Mission Status Communication with the ISEE-3 satellite was successfully re-established with the goal of commanding the satellite to change its trajectory with the goal of putting it into a libration point orbit that would allow it to resume its original … Continue reading

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We Are Borg: Crowdsourced Engineering and the Collective Mind of the Internet

We are Now Living in a Science Fiction World In the science fiction universe of Star Trek, set several hundred years in the future, when we are a spacefaring civilization, humanity encounters a species called the Borg.  The Borg are … Continue reading

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The International Sun-Earth Explorer (ISEE-3) Reboot Project, Bringing an Old Bird Back to the Earth, and Back to Life

Life isn’t fair. So many times in my life I start to do something and end up going in a completely different direction. I do a lot of advanced technology spacecraft and systems design for lunar, mars, and asteroid exploration. … Continue reading

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Point and Counter Point on Asteroid Mining…

In the July 29, 2013 issue of Space News there is a point and counter point article by Ambassador Roger Harrison and myself.  Ambassador Harrison takes the negative premise and I take the positive.  Here are links to the abbreviated … Continue reading

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Moon, Mars, or Asteroids, Which is the Best Destination for Solar System Development?

Author’s Preface This is a 5,000 word blog post.  I ask you who read to read all of this so that you will get the gestalt that is being conveyed.  This may be the first chapter of a forthcoming book … Continue reading

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The Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project, Original Data For Science Posterity

Note:  This is a cross post of an original article of mine that was posted on the site wattsupwiththat.com today.  Thanks to Anthony Watts and his readers for their support. Introduction The foundation of all observational science is data.  This … Continue reading

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