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To ARM or Not to ARM: Is That Really Our Question?

First of all I want to thank the many many people who have signed up to follow this blog recently.  In this blog I primarily talk about space.  I would bet a lot that many of my new readers are … Continue reading

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Want Versus Need; Space Tourism Vs “Proper” Space Exploration

There is another emerging complaint about the activities of Virgin Galactic that I am seeing that I feel I must address.  This is illustrated in a comment in my rebuttal to the Wired article, but is in the same vein … Continue reading

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Site Selection for Lunar Industrialization, Economic Development, and Settlement

Introduction The subject of a lunar landing site/outpost/base has been explored extensively. Due to the cost and complexity involved, until now this has been almost the exclusive domain of government. In the United States we have gone through at least … Continue reading

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Public vs Private Investment in Zero to One Technologies…

Burke Burnett wrote an amazing comment in my book review about Peter Thiel’s from Zero to One book, enough so that it merits a new post to respond. Burke, thanks for a thoroughly cogent comment! Keyword in your comment…. ..a … Continue reading

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Space Book Review: Peter Thiel’s “From 0 to 1

From 0 to 1 Its not often that a book about the general development of companies has such direct applicability to space, but Peter Thiel’s book nails it in one.  It is a remarkable insight into the mind of a … Continue reading

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ISEE-3 Post Lunar Flyby Status and Modification of Mission Goals

Mission Status Communication with the ISEE-3 satellite was successfully re-established with the goal of commanding the satellite to change its trajectory with the goal of putting it into a libration point orbit that would allow it to resume its original … Continue reading

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We Are Borg: Crowdsourced Engineering and the Collective Mind of the Internet

We are Now Living in a Science Fiction World In the science fiction universe of Star Trek, set several hundred years in the future, when we are a spacefaring civilization, humanity encounters a species called the Borg.  The Borg are … Continue reading

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